Paid Media

Reach the right audience, at the right time, on the right platform

through a paid media marketing strategy.

Keys To A Successful Paid Media Campaign

Selection Of The Proper Keywords The keywords


The keywords you target (and pay for) must be specific to what you are offering on your website. If you are a retailer, make sure that people who are looking for the products you sell are funneled directly to a page where that purchase can be facilitated.


Landing Page Creation and Optimization


Each landing page should be tailored to your unique products or services and optimized for the keywords you’re targeting in your paid media efforts. With each ad campaign that you drive visitors to your site with, each landing page should be relevant to the content in that campaign.


Ongoing Analysis


Whether you’re running a paid search campaign, or a social media advertising campaign, it’s essential that the proper reporting is completed. This way, we can identify what works best for driving conversions and reaching your goals and optimize your campaigns based on those findings on a regular basis.

Monthly link building and content outreach takes place in order to augment ranking growth


paid media

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