Hacks to Master Facebook Ads Campaigns

Running a Facebook Ad campaign can be tricky sometimes. There are many nuances that need to be considered to ensure a campaign is effective, and even then, most campaigns don’t reach the heights they could, as they fail to optimize the vital areas. How can you ensure you get the most from your ad campaigns on Facebook? Here are some of the top Facebook Ad hacks to boost your performance.

Choose the right campaign objective

When you initially set up a Facebook ad campaign, you will be asked to choose an objective. Many advertisers will skim over this section with quick answers.

However, your chosen objective is much more important than many sellers realize. This is because your chosen objective tells Facebook the goal of your campaign, which allows the algorithm to show your ad to a more relevant audience.

This auto-optimization of your ads cannot be fully effective if you do not choose the perfect objective, and will probably end up costing you much more in terms of cost per click (CPC).

You can ensure you choose the right objective for your campaign by matching the campaign objective with your general advertising goals. For example, if you are looking to get your brand name out there, select ‘brand awareness’. If instead, you want to encourage people to download your app, select ‘app installs’.

Get your targeting right

This may seem like a simple and obvious aspect of an advertising campaign, but some sellers tend to skim over targeting for Facebook campaigns.

Although Facebook’s algorithm will help you on your way, it’s important to put your best effort into telling the platform who you are hoping to reach with your campaign. This means selecting the correct targeting options that match the type of people you want to reach and also creating a campaign that can achieve that.

Focus your ad around the right geographic areas for your business

Like demographic targeting, geographic targeting is also important when it comes to advertising on Facebook. Geographic targeting allows you to focus your campaigns around the specific areas your customers are located or stated as living.

Geographic targeting will also help you to save your ad budget, by not spending too much of it on users from areas that will likely never shop with you. One of the top Facebook ad hacks if you only want to advertise locally, or within a certain city/state/country.

Avoid ad duplication

When creating a new advert on Facebook, many sellers choose to duplicate their advertisement as it is the easier option. However, this is bad practice. When you duplicate your ad, you lose all the original comments, likes, and shares on the post, which doesn’t make much of an impression on other users. Keeping your audience engaged is an important factor in Facebook ads’ success and another hack to make our list of Facebook ad hacks.

To avoid this, select ‘use existing post’ when creating your ad. This will allow you to keep all the previous engagements on the post. This helps to create more interest as users see the ad as something others have also deemed relevant and interesting.